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Once upon a time....

      That’s how this story started. With a hike it the woods, a great conversation and a simple question.

Would you buy this man a beer?

  Oktoberfest - Munich

C'mon, he's a nice guy. Even his ex-wife likes him!

Wouldn't you like to say that you bought Pete a beer in Djibouti? Or Amsterdam? Maybe Saigon?

Well, Pete's back home now, but far be it from him to turn down a beer. So if you still want to become a Certified Beer Run Benefactor, just click on the PayPal link below.

Cheers! Prost! To the Queen!     And check out the Miracle Beer Diet

Here's a list of my generous benefactors

What the heck is all this about? Well, Once upon a time...

And hey, which state in the US has the best beer?

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